Hudson Stripease Paint Remover

Available in 1kg and 350gr. Hudson Stripease Paint Remover is a chlorinated-based paint remover, a non-caustic material that can be easily applied to any coated surface that needs paint stripping. With its excellent penetration to each layer of coats and fast stripping reaction, it causes no harmful reaction to any wood, metal and concrete surfaces.

Use Hudson Stripease Paint Remover when you want to remove the current coating or when you have repainting works whether its wood, metal or concrete coated surface; or when paint is chipping and peeling-off your wooden furniture, metal surface of your automotive vehicle, or even on metal gates.

Stripping and removing paint is a hard, nasty, and potentially dangerous work. Paint removal requires time, tools, chemicals and other resources that you might not have. If you have an older home, then you might have lead paint which could be dangerous as well.

If you simply just paint over coat after coat, the paint will start peeling after a year. For a longer lasting coat of paint, you need to remove the paint and sand down the surface for the paint to stick properly and for a perfectly applied finish.

Hudson Stripease Paint Remover is the perfect product to do the job of stripping all the old coatings and ease your job of removing the adhering paint whether Polyurethane, Acrylic, powder coating, lacquer, enamel, water-based, NC and other varnishes. Hudson Stripease Paint Remover does the job well!

To remove old paints on the following:

  • All concrete surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and floorings.
  • All wood surfaces such as furnitures, wooden doors, walls, and wood floorings.
  • All metal surfaces such as cars, bus, trucks, containers, gates, window frames, refrigerators, machine equipments, steel storage tanks and marines vessels.

Tools: Brush, Spray & Dipping
Protective tools:

  • When applying, please be sure to wear protective gears such as rubber gloves, eye glass and face protection; respiratory protection. It is ideal to use the whole set of PPE-(PersonalProtective Equipment).


  • Apply on the painted surface to be removed by brush.
  • Wait 5 – 10 minutes, wrinkling appearance will show when paints starts to be stripped from the surface.
  • Use spatula to scrape the wrinkled surface.
  • Once paints are removed, wash surface with detergent and rinse well with clean water to make sure no wax residue is left.
  • For wood and metal surfaces, we recommend to use our solvent X55 to clean up the surface, prior re-painting works begin.

Available in 1kg and 350grams.